Reflections on Psalms - Meditative Reflection on Psalms

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Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church
July 2020 Discipleship Ministry Presents


Date of Class
Psalm 8
A Praise
W  8th  7 - 8 pm
Date of Second Class
Psalm 137
A Corporate Lament
W  15th  7 - 8 pm
Date of 3rd Class
Psalm 139
A Personal Lament
W  22nd  7 - 8 pm
Date of 4th Class
Psalm 23
A Favorite
W  29th  7 - 8 pm
July 2020 Online Class
Meditative Reflection On Psalms

This class focuses on four psalms that reflect the diversity of the book:  Psalm 8, a hymn of praise;  Psalm 137, a corporate lament;  Psalm 139 a personal lament;  and Psalm 23, a favorite not well understood.

It is taught by Rev. Dr. Bowman, a retired UCC minister who holds a Ph.D. in theological ethics from Glasgow University in Scotland and is a member of the Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church Discipleship team.

Rev. Dr. David Bowman
Rev. Dr. David Bowman
Retired UCC Minister
Theological Ethics, Ph.D.  Glasgow University, Scotland
Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church Discipleship Team Member
July 8. 15. 22. 29
7 - 8pm
Meditative Reflection on Psalms

Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church
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